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SIGN-n-SHARE is a unique network marketing tool used to grow Facebook Group membership, raise money for the group's cause, while compensating group members for their time. Yes, we pay $0.99 forward to the group cause and we pay $1.00 per month, per Passenger (invitee), back to the Conductor ( invitor ) for their time. Why? The cause is great, networking is powerful and your time is valuable.

Now you can put your network to work for you. Earn extra income to pay those pesky bills, save, invest, education or go on that needed vacation trip you have been dreaming about and give to a good cause at the same time. How ?

There are three active roles in SIGN-n-SHARE:

  1.  The Passengers: One who join and signs up for the $1.99/ month

  2.  The Conductors: One who signs up for the $1.99/ month, Invite others to join from their network and earn $1/person that become a Passenger (join)

  3.  The Engineers: One who signs up for the $1.99/ month, Invite other to join, earn $1/person + that become a Passenger and helps design the structure and future direction of the group. (OGs - Original STOP.LOOK.LISTEN Group members as of June 30, 2021 and SIGN-n-SHARE members by July 15, 2021)

Note: Yes, for those who recognize parts of the "drinking gourd". Just decided what role you are comfortable playing and get on board.


  1. Sign up for our SIGN-N-SHARE PARTNERSHIP as a STOP.LOOK.LISTEN member: Subscription to SIGN-n-SHARE: $1.99 / Month. Then invite your FB friends to join STOP.LOOK.LISTEN  and Sign up for our SIGN-N-SHARE PARTNERSHIP

    • Earn $1 per month, per FB friend that accept your invite to join STOP.LOOK.LISTEN  plus join & maintain the SIGN-N-SHARE PARTNERSHIP
        ( Note: Sign-n-Share: First 12 months refunded for those who made the $10.00 or $9.99 STOP.LOOK.LISTEN training purchase)

    • Your FB Friends,  income estimator from: 25 to 1,000 fb friends (The greater the number of friends, the greater the income potential)







                             Annual Max Potential Income: ($1.00 X # FB Friends)  x 12 months = Max Potential Income

STOP LOOK LISTEN members signed up to SIGN-N-SHARE before June 30, 2021 are the original SIGN-n-SHARE group (OGs). OG's will earn a additional 2 points(%) pot or kitty (as a group) from other group's SIGN-n-SHARE project accounts. See note #2 below. The group may use the additional funds for other special causes or walks. Sign up today ! 

 2. How does it work? It is easy as One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six and Seven: Give potential members these 7 steps to follow.

  1. Accept the STOP.LOOK.LISTEN   membership invite. Then Goto:

  2. Got to: and register. $1.99+ monthly fee (Your ROI can be exponential. Annual break-even  is at 1.9 Sign-N-Share participants. Profits start at 2+ Sign-N-Share participants).
    7 Day Free Trial, earn before you invest the $1.99

  3. Start inviting. How? Go to the STOP. LOOK.LISTEN group page click on "INVITE". Select and send invite to your FB friends you want to join.  DO NOT SPAM OR INVITE PEOPLE OUTSIDE OF YOUR FACEBOOK FRIENDS LIST. You can grow your FB friends list. Once friend request is accepted, then you can invite.

  4. Both will be able to cross reference the Sign & Share membership to Stop. Look.Listen group membership. Note: Only you can approve your Facebook friends to join Stop.Look.Listen. This is how we assign  the Sign-N-Share payment.

  5. Invoice Sign-n-Share monthly, we will cross check and payout quarterly, using Cash App ONLY pay-outs. Minus any transaction fees charged.

  6. If you don't have a cash App, go to You will need one to receive payment.

  7. Go pay those pesky bills and/or take that needed vacation. I am.


Note #2: What about the $1.99 / month fee? That’s about one Mega Million Easy Pick Lotto Tickets, or two scratch offs. $1.99 Breakdown: 50.25% is given back to the Sign-N-Share partner,  35.18%  client's project, 14.57% Sign-n-Share administrative cost minus the OG's 2 points of every group's Sign-n-Share project account. (STOP LOOK LISTEN group not included, it is the OGs)


Note #3: Sign-N -Share Members are considered an independent contractor . Sign-N-Share Members are responsible for filing and paying taxes on income earned from Sign-N-Share. 1099 are issued per IRS guidelines at the end of the calendar year. Sign-N-Share will hold the independent contractor harmless while operating within all 7 items in section 2. Sign-n-Share is a network marketing agency, the content is the sole ownership of the client.

Example payment scale1024_1.png