L.Louis Garrett
Industrial Engr. and ASQ Certified QE, QA

Mr Garrett and his team have over 36 plus years of experience in manufacturing,  quality six sigma, lean manufacturing, supplier development and teaching.​

Louis has a Bachelor's Degree in Industrial Engineering & Technology and Master of Science in Administration Degree.​​​  

June 1984 L. Louis Garrett began his career in manufacturing. He held various positions starting with Supervisor of Production/Quality, Statistical Process Control Coordinator, Reliability Engineer/Lean Manufacturing Administrator, General Supervisor of Production/Reliability, Quality Manager at Flint Metal Fabricating, and Quality Director of Pontiac East Truck Assembly during GM’s GMT800 launch

( Silverado &  Sierra truck).​​

Mr. Garrett has successfully worked with hundreds of Tier I  and Tier II and Tier III suppliers. He has serviced and coordinated hundreds of APQP program launches that impact General Motors Corp, Chrysler, Ford, BMW, and Mazda, all while covering the United States, Canada, EU, Germany, Africa, Mexico, South Korea and Brazil. 

In 1999 Louis departed GM and  formed Quality Engineering Services (QES), ​In February of 2008, he transitioned QES into NEXUS GSN with NEXUS QSD Group, LLC as an SBU. NEXUS QSD GROUP LLC has over 150 automotive clients, located in the United States (38%) , Canada (51%), EU, Germany (5%), Africa, Mexico (2%), South Korea (3%) and Brazil (1%). February 22, 2016 NEXUS QSD GROUP, LLC formed The Supplier Development Institute (SDI): Department of Labor Approved Quality Technician Apprenticeship Program (2016)

Louis has extensive backgound in: Foundry, Heat Treat, Machining, Stamping, Injection and Blow Molding, Extrusion, Paint, Sub-Assembly , Assembly, warehousing, logistics, supplier development, quality training and raking leaves (Just checking). He has trained over 10,000 individuals in quality control, engineering and auditing in the span of his career. He has held every job listed on the QUALITY TECH CAREER PATH .

Louis's training philosophy: Learning begin at the point of failure. Real world failures planned and conducted in a controlled environment, like my classroom. " I will push you into what you do not know, so you may  learn it and perform it" : 1) Provide Information  2) Assure Understanding  3) Commitment to learning it 4) Perform the  Action (Learn, See & Do)

We will, have fun learning some 30+ quality tools.