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NEXUS QSD GROUP, LLC is partnered with The Mender Group, Inc a 501 (c)(3) Non-Profit

Rather than create economic income and training opportunities in affluent neighborhoods around the country and then insist disadvantaged communities resident migrate out of their community to seize these opportunities, The Mender Group Inc: Pathway Out seeks to bring economic, income and post-secondary training opportunities to disadvantaged communities , over a 3 year time period, to BREAK them out of poverty to create a healthy economic turnaround for disadvantaged communities

All Individual donation are welcomed and very much appreciated.
A $10,000 tax exempt corporate donation will sponsor one  disadvantaged vocational student Level I, II & III
Accounts payable: The Mender Group Inc P.O Box       , Flint Michigan
For tax exempt credit, earmark all donation made here :" The Mender Group, Inc; Vocational Training"