Thank you for your previous input. It was very helpful getting us to this level. We would love for you to take

a look at the almost finished product and give us your final feedback. Our goal is to provide Information, establish understanding, obtain your commitment to improve the approach, and better the outcome and Actions of  law enforcement.

The ad and info-training are hidden to the public, but made available for you to listen in and review. It is live and linked to a functional website:

For your participation, we will add an additional one-week access (two weeks). This will give you time to plan and schedule your household, after you have reviewed and given your feedback. Also, for participating in the beta test, you will receive a 7 day access pass to our next info-training:" Understanding the  Legal Difference between Reasonable Suspicion and Probable Cause", they are similar but legally different as night & day.


Review All Instructions before starting the beta test:

You will need to block off approximately 1.5 hrs. of your valuable time. You can review it in one session or break in up into 2, 3 or 4 different session. Final feedback is due in by May 30, 2021. Write all answers down on paper first. Once you are complete, see step #6 (online form)

1.    After reviewing the 2-minute ad (unmute to hear), did you subscribe for the 7-day information training
     access. Reply: Yes/ No? Please explain: Three things you
     liked about the ad and two things you would improve. (40 characters or less)

2.     After/ If reviewing the 63-minute info- training, would you subscribe for another 7- day access
       info-training  and share on your social media channels? Reply: Yes/ No? Please explain: Three things you
       liked about the 60-minute info-training and two things you would improve. (40 characters or less).

3.     List 3 new things (related to law enforcement) you learned from the 63-minute info-training

4.      Document any functional errors or corrections observed. Beta is not perfect and no budget.

5.       Did you know law enforcement could “legally lie” to you? (Yes/no)

6.       Record all answers on this online form located at:


7.       Start reviewing  here:


8.       Thank you



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